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If financial, personal, professional, or reputational success matters to you, Roger is the missing link between here and where you want to go.


"It’s a life-changer."

"Roger has guided me to perfect my abilities as a speaker, communicator and more importantly as a leader." - Constance Pedron


I have learned how to move on the stage with confidence and power.

The customized personal vocal exercises Roger gave me in his Hollywood studio have helped me tremendously to develop a much clearer, powerful, effective and longer lasting voice. – Jose Gomez, M.D.


"To have this much
access to the world’s
greatest voice coach
is priceless.” - Jim White


"One session with him and BOOM!"

"If you have the chance to work with Roger,
jump at it. Roger can make YOU a Master Presenter." - Kevin Ward


"Working with Roger Love took
my speaking to a different level,
a level that I never knew existed."

– Ray Warda


I'm forever grateful for Roger. He's a huge gift on the planet, dwarfed only by his generous heart.

– Brenda Villa


"I felt more confident. I had the room, and a bunch of the participants come up and said, “That was spot on,” or “You kept it exciting,” so thank you!"
- Mark Lefkowitz